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About www.MarketingMostWanted.com
Marketing Most Wanted was founded by JW Davis on March 1, 2012.  Our company has decided to expand nationally.

The Economic Development Council will now be operating in Kentucky, Florida and Texas. Since we were co-founded in 2010, we have been involved in Economic Revitalization projects in the community of Aurora, Kentucky in Marshall County.

Our organization in the past has done a series of community surveys to find out from local home owners, business owners, and local and county leaders what their desires and needs were for the immediate community of Aurora, Kentucky.
Economic Revitalization is one of the top priorities of the Council.  Our intent is to make a dramatic economic revitalization impact on all area's we target.

We have had the good fortune to have been involved with some of the most industrious leaders of the various projects we have been involved in.  Their time and efforts are to be commended.

One project we were involved in was a Petition drive that was conducted by the Council and its members, for a new boat launch ramp, staging area and upgrading of the parking area inside KenLake State Resort Park on Kentucky Lake  in Marshall County, Kentucky. This Petition drive gathered signatures to present to the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department for support to seek grant money for this project. This project was also an effort to support and bring back Fishing Tournaments and Shows to the KenLake/Aurora region of Marshall County.

It also included the newly proposed Kenlake Beach Renewal Project, which was voted on as the most important by the council members. This project also was projected to add a tremendous amount of revenue for the county and the State Park in the near future by bringing in more recreational activities for families to enjoy. This project included renewal and upgrade of the Concession stand area, as well as the current beach area. This project also included the addition of three new pavilions for families to have pic-nics and family activities.

This area was fortunate to have a recreational facility such as KenLake State Park in their county and community and was looked upon as a valuable asset. The Council at that time also worked very hard trying to find ways to recruit businesses to come to the Kenlake-Aurora region, 

The Economic Development Council is now currently an organization dedicated to facilitating a community-driven process to revitalize commercial corridors of potential business zone's and the region surrounding these area's, following a comprehensive five-point strategy of Organization, Public Outreach, Physical Improvements, intensive Economic Development Strategies and Marketing.

The Economic Development Council is dedicated to helping residents, businesses and property owners, non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, and other stakeholders to work together across the boundaries of race, income, sector, politics, and geography to enhance their respective talents and resources in order to increase the economic competitiveness of various target area's. This also includes the need to develop, nurture, and support historic preservation in neighborhoods when needed and overall, the communities involved, and to improve the quality of life for everyone involved in these area's. Through the Economic Development Council's programs the neighborhoods making up these target area's, and many other communities in the region, will become even more attractive and exciting places for residents and visitors alike to live, work, love, play, and pray.

Our organization’s outreach and influence, however, will not be limited by boundaries.

The Economic Development Council's goal is to establish sustainable, self-sufficient but integrated business districts and events, where residents and visitors can find everything they might need within the vibrant, walkable communities they live. Our Main Street program is intended to support the work of volunteers to make cities and communities across the country an even more attractive and exciting place for residents and visitors alike.
About Martin R. Metzger

Co-Founder & Executive Advisor

Mr. Metzger is a graduate of Alton High School in Alton, Illinois. He has an Associates Degree in Hardware Retailing and Public Relations from Southern Illinois University. 

He was owner and operator of one of the largest landmark restaurant and niteclub in Alton, Illinois for over 40 years. Mr. Metzger was instrumental in making his business establishment, Midtown Restaurant and Lounge, one of the most popular attractions in the greater St. Louis metro area, on the Illinois side, from the 1960's thru the 1990's.

Mr. Metzger was also involved in the rental property business as well during this time and managed over a dozen of his own properties. 

He was a member and board member with the Alton Convention & Visitors Bureau for many years.

He was involved for many years as a board member and consultant with the Alton, Illinois Weed and Feed program.  This organization was in charge of 
a government funded program, with Law Enforcement assistance, to clean up crime ridden neighborhoods in the area.

Mr. Metzger was a board member with the American Red Cross and is a member of the Service Core of Retired Executives S.C.O.R.E. 

He is a member of the Lewis & Clark Society as a former guide and actor playing Lewis.

He holds a Certification with the US Corp of Engineers Training and also holds US Forest Certification.

Mr. Metzger was a board member with the Jonathon Aurora Action Committee (JAAC), a business owners association, in Marshall County Kentucky.  

He is a co-founding partner of the Kentucky Lake Economic Development Council, now known as Economic Development Concepts. He was instrumental in the organization and implementation of the Economic Councils Mission, local business revitalization issues, local business problem solving, working to improve business and ecnomic issues and solutions, working with local, county and state officials on local business issues, working with national companies and organizations, hosting and speaking at local monthly meetings, as well as promoting and marketing the Kentucky Lake Economic Development Council.

Mr. Metzger was also a co-founder of the Pirates Cove Resort Community Watch Association. His responsibilities included, organization and implementation of a neighborhood watch association, including property protection issues, loss prevention, working with national companies and organizations, planning monthly meetings, attaining guest speakers as well as promoting and marketing the organization. He was also responsible for all aspects of daily operations for the Neighborhood Watch Association for the resort community. His supervisory duties included addressing and solving neighborhood and community security concerns and issues, community patrol, enforcement of curfew and quiet time for the resorts 5 campgrounds, Marina access and beach access area. 

Mr. Metzger donates his time to Economic Development Concepts and is very much appreciated by this organization as well as those who value and appreciate his knowledge and expertise in the Business arena.

"It is not to hard to figure out that Economic Development Revitalization research and careful planning is the key to bringing back communities and business to financial stability and success," Metzger said. "We all know that putting together well thought-out  strategies and implementing them leads to successes that can have a profound impact beyond anyone's wildest dreams and aspirations", he said. 

JW Davis
Founder & President

JW founded MarketingAdvisoryCouncil.com on March 3, 2020.   JW has been instrumental in running, developing and marketing various companies since 1980.  

Hello, I'm JW and Welcome to our website!  Our mission here is to spread optimism about the power of marketing.  We are about educating you to the challenging issues that many professionals face around the globe in many different situations concerning marketing.

I feel it is important to build better marketing communities by connecting companies, agencies, organizations and professionals to real and better strategies, tips, and solutions to address all aspects of marketing issues online and off.

We feel that it is essential for widespread educational incentives for all professional marketing experts to have access to a wide variety of different strategies, solutions and tips to help them achieve their dynamic marketing aspirations for their utmost success.  

We know it is also essential for anyone involved in marketing strategies in their field of endeavor to achieve, inspire and impact the world with their style, vision and purpose on their products or services.

I am a firm believer in researching, developing, educating and implementing Marketing strategies to address marketing issues involved for the 21st century WorldWideWeb.  

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the education we intend to provide here about marketing strategies and solutions for the online and offline world: benefit everyone involved in fantastic and dynamic ways.  We intend to present and put in motion essential strategies and solutions for Marketing issues we feel are important.

Finally, it is extremely important to empower every marketing expert and professional on the planet to achieve more of their marketing dreams for the 21st century!

Thank You for stopping by and we hope you  save us as one of your favorites and stop by often to catch up with our informative blog full of strategies, solutions and tips.  In addition to that, make sure to sign up for our very dynamic newsletter full of marketing intelligence.

If you have any questions, suggestions or  comments, I would  love to hear from you.

Take Care and may you learn more than  you ever dreamed in your marketing mission! 

Take  Care...

About Us / Contact Us Page

The mission of MarketingMostWanted.com is to enhance the many attributes that we have to offer to diverse and very different communities, organizations, agencies and businesses.

We are dedicated to helping create opportunities for Premier Business Marketing Development with success through desirable Business Growth, Expansion, Retention and Attraction in working as partners to develop a successful marketing climate conducive in maintaining the quality of life in the great business communities across the country of America,

We are dedicated to creating a more vibrant and cultivated marketing community by:

  Serving as a conduit between the professional marketing interests in all areas of business commerce across the country and with municipal governments, agencies, organizations as well as  small business interests;

  Encouraging the successful marketing well-being and expansion of the existing commercial marketing interests located all across the country and the globe;

Responsibly assisting in developing marketing strategies and solutions across America in an effort to improve the business climate and success of the country's commercial business interests while helping to provide additional commercial and business revenue; and,

Reviewing community ordinances, policies, and practices to determine their impact on existing and proposed commercial business marketing strategies. 

Established in January, 2012,  Marketing Most Wanted goals are to work with agencies, businesses, communities, and organizations throughout the country to develop innovative, publicly supported advanced marketing development strategies and solutions. 

While our demographic and industry analyses serves as the foundation for our strategic planning idea's, we pride ourselves on our ability to think creatively — we practice a vision that is supported by research and development data, but not driven by it.  Our approach to marketing places a premium on well-informed decision-making, sound planning practices, and a commitment to the future of the 21st century. 

Marketing Most Wanted is a privately held West Kentucky-based Marketing Development Consulting Firm committed to providing quality solutions for Public, Business and Private-sector clients.  Our organization's primary focus is Marketing Development Revitalization and Strategic Planning. 

The most important thing our company does is work with Agencies, Business's, Communities, Organization's, and Individual Person's  for complete marketing success.  We care tremendously that everyone succeeds to help foster a vibrant community for all to enjoy.  

What sets us apart from similar companies is our unique ability to bring together the Marketing Strategies for solutions necessary for complete and never-ending business and commercial success!

Marketing Most Wanted  is solely-owned, with offices in Western Kentucky at Kentucky Lake and on the Gulf Suncoast of Florida in the Tampa Bay area.  Since our organization opened its doors, we’ve attempted to treat every client like they were a part of our own family.  Other companies and organizations may offer similar services like ours, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch from both Martin R. Metzger and JW Davis!   We wish the best for you, your business, your customers and clients and our communities as you delligently work to succeed at making them the best they can be for the 21st century!
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Marketing Most Wanted is here to help businesses with Marketing as well as Social Media consultation, startup and monthly maintenance for Local Business Web Development. With a team of technical experts in technology, sales, marketing and customer service (success), we can help your company achieve revenue, profit, business growth, and customer satisfaction objectives within start-up, turn-around, and rapid changing environments.

Small businesses must innovate the way they use the web and use social media.  There is so much noise in the social media space, it can be hard for smaller brands and local company's to get their message across.

With the right local, state, national and world wide business social media strategy for your business, you’ll raise awareness for your brand by directly interacting with your clients and potential clients in near real-time. And when an important comment is left that requires your immediate attention, we’ll make sure you are alerted to those comments so your company or our team can automatically log in and to respond and thank your customers right away.

If you are in the business of selling to consumers, a custom social media strategy may be valuable to you and your company, and we can assist with both setup, maintenance and managing your services. That can certainly save you valuable time to run your business...and keep the conversation going.

Please read on to learn more of our internet and social media services. We’d be happy to set up an appointment to discuss your Small Businesses specific needs, free of charge.

MarketingMostWanted.com specializes in Local Business and Social Media consultation start-up and maintenance services with a team of technical experts in many area's of internet Marketing, Sales, and Customer service success achieving revenue, profit, business growth, product development schedules, and customer satisfaction objectives within start-up, turn-around, and rapid changing environments. We have a team of extensive experience experts in the development, marketing, sales and delivery of highly engineered world wide web systems, which require deep understanding of the diverse value propositions created by these solutions, and the critical business drivers affecting customer investment within multiple markets and industries. We remain highly customer-focused and computer performance-driven for the 21st Century. 

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